How to Detox Your Skin Immediately with these great 7 Products

How to Detox Your Skin Immediately with these great 7 Products

A new year is upon us and here are seven great products that can help detox your skin with great ingredients for skin ranging from salt to charcoal to acid. Here are the best picks to start out the new year.


West Palm Beach dermatologist Kenneth Beer likes to incorporate “a light type of acid in a detox regimen” because acids “tend to exfoliate gently and improve circulation to the skin,” he says. Although there are several types, he likes glycolic or lactic acids. “NeoStrata was the pioneer in this area and their products remain good because it has a decent concentration of active ingredient,” Beer suggested. This 18% glycolic acid foaming face wash also contains lactobionic acid for an extra deep clean.  ($40)


Ahava Bath Salt

Even if you’re a shower kind of girl, sometimes taking a little extra time out to soak it all in is the right way to go. “Sea salts are a great way to detox the skin,” says Beer. “They are included in a few scrubs that can gently buff and detox your skin. But for the whole body, I like Ahava bath soaks.” When you buy in larger sizes, they’re also quite the economical purchase as well. Besides — one cup of salt and 20 minutes of soaking sounds like a recipe for bliss if you ask us. Ahava Bath Salt ($32)


Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

When thinking skin, don’t forget about your scalp. This unique foaming scrub from Catherine Deneuve’s longtime hairstylist is meant for rejuvenating clogged-up scalps. After using weekly, I noticed a boost in hair volume, an extra bonus during these cold, hat-wearing months. ($51)


Origins Clear Improvement Mask

While a proper mud mask is still a detox classic, Beer prefers active charcoal (a new buzzy ingredient in detox drinks as well) for its ability to act “like a magnet for impurities.” He particularly likes this one by Origins. “This has the ability to detox and remove oils that can clog the pores,” he says. ($25)


Boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment

This easily packable cleanser and mask in one is a savvy travel companion for oily or combination complexions. (For those with a blemish-prone T-zone, swipe the black stick just in those areas that need it.) The charcoal and glycolic acid formula both detoxifies and smooth over pores without the liquid mess. ($28)



Often spotted at dermatologist’s offices, Beer is a fan of Glytone’s products due to their acid quality. After I gave several of the line’s offerings a try, this day cream came out a winner. The time-released formula, which features vitamin E, red tea flavonoids and 6% glycolic acid did its job and all without any annoying fragrances. ($90)