Alicia Silverstone on the Best All-Natural Beauty Products

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Alicia Silverstone on the Best All-Natural Beauty Products

Clueless made Alicia Silverstone famous but ever since, she has made a name for herself, as an actress and one of the most influential vegan voices in Hollywood. Silverstone, is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the website, where she shares vegan recipes and lifestyle tips. In celebration of Clueless' 20th anniversary, Alicia provided a list of her favorite beauty products.

"Using natural products has actually made life easier," she says. "There are so many options out there, narrowing down the field makes it less overwhelming."

Take a peek at some of the natural, cruelty-free, and vegan beauty products Silverstone swears by.



Tammy Fender Roman Chamomile Tonic and Holistic Skin Care Epi-Peel

"When you spray this on your face, it makes you feel really happy. You can bring it on the airplane or keep it in your car. It's essentially a toner—I use it sporadically, I just love it. And the peel smells great."

Alima Pure eye shadows

"I like all the Alima eye shadows. I used them on a movie we filmed in Detroit when I played a vampire—they make a great smoky eye and they have such beautiful colors. They are a soft powder so you have to be very skilled to use them—I can't use them myself. I'm not very good at doing my own makeup and I don't wear makeup when I'm not working. When I'm on set I always bring my little makeup kit wherever I go. I'll say to the makeup artists, 'try this and let me know what you think.' And some makeup artists start to turn me on to new things as well."

Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation

"They make a great foundation, but they don't have the perfect shade for my skin so we mix two colors together. I use this on movies a lot as well."

Giovanni 50:50 Shampoo andConditioner

"My favorite shampoo and conditioner is by Giovanni. I love it! They have all different kinds but I tend to go for the 50:50 formula—I don't really know why. They just smell so good and work so well. If I want my hair to look good I wash it the night before, brush it out, and I sleep on it wet. Then I don't touch it the next day. That's all I do to it for real. If I were to brush it when it was clean or wet the day of it would look awful!"

Widu Wooden Bristle Hairbrush

"Eating plant-based food keeps my hair healthy and full of volume. I also like to use a Widu wooden bristle hairbrush instead of one made from plastic."

Keeki Pure & Simple Sunscreen

"I use this sunscreen on my husband and son. It smells good and it doesn't look like white or chalky."

Kjaer Weis lip color, mascara, and eye shadow

"This is a newer company to me—I discovered them a year and a half ago. A really cool makeup artist from L.A. named Alejandra introduced it to me. She's vegan and natural, too. I really like the mascara."

Gabriel Cosmetics Natural Mascara

"Gabriel makes a wonderful natural mascara as well—I think they work great. I've noticed when people use regular mascara on me that my eyes start to sting. I think my eyes got use to having nothing nasty on them!"

W3ll People Nudist Colorbalms andElitist Eye Shadows

"This is another great natural company. I've used a couple of their lipsticks. I'm just starting to dabble with them."

ZuZu Luxe concealer, eyeliner, and mascara

"This concealer is in my makeup bag no matter what. They make a really good concealer in a long tube that works really well for covering all sorts of things."

Ecco Bella FlowerColor Cover Up

"I'll use this in combination with the ZuZu concealer for under my eyes. I don't really know why, but the texture just makes me happy. The other concealer is better at covering blemishes."

La Bella Donna Compressed Mineral Blush

"This is just a nice and pretty blush."

Naturally Fresh Roll On Crystal Clear Deodorant andSchmidt's Deodorant

"Both of these deodorants are the best ever. The Schmidt's one is a miracle. Just a pea-sized amount of the cream takes care of everything. It's so good with odor— even if you don't have time to take a shower it helps. I do notice that it can stain white clothes yellow, so when I'm wearing white I use the Naturally Fresh deodorant."