ZyCal Bioceuticals Ostinol Advanced

ZyCal Bioceuticals Ostinol Advanced

According to the Arthritis Foundation, there are approximately 66 million Americans suffering from some form of degenerative joint condition. This includes the self-diagnosed occasional joint problem to the weekend warrior joint conditions and those with healthcare diagnosed osteo or rheumatoid arthritis. This represents more than 37 percent of adults over age 40 – or 1 in 3 people in the U.S.!

Like bones, cartilage tissue needs to be replenished with new tissue as we grow older. Without new tissue, cartilage can thin or “break” leading to aches and pains in the joints that limit movement, function and quality of life.

New research into the pathogenesis of degenerative joint conditions has lead us to understand that key signally proteins are required each day to activate and stimulating dormant stem cells found in the synovial fluid. These stem cells, once activated, transform into chondrocytes or cartilage building cells. They migrate to the hyaline cartilage tissue and there begin to produce and excrete proteoglycan (PG) which are a specialized form of glucosaminoglycans (GAG).

In 2006 the Journal of Arthritis Research and Therapy published groundbreaking findings which completely altered our understanding of the pathogenesis of arthritis. Researchers discovered that several signaling proteins required to activate the cartilage growing pathways were either missing or significantly reduced in the synovial fluid of people with both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. For reasons still unknown, the genetic expression of these signaling proteins is turned off or down-regulated, leaving the stem cells in the synovial fluid dormant. Without this critical signaling the stem cells cannot be turned on to become Chondrocytes for cartilage tissue growth. Then, traditional nutrients like glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, which can only provide building blocks for cartilage tissue, cannot be properly utilized leaving people with mixed to poor results at best.

Ostinol™ Advanced, powered by Cyplexinol®, (the only bio-active protein complex which contains the missing signaling protein), is the first product to clinically grow new cartilage tissue.

It works by providing the missing signal which stimulates, activates, and transforms the stem cells in the synovial fluid of the joint into new, vibrant and active chondrocytes, which in turn, absorb nutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin and produce new, healthy cartilage tissue for strong, healthy active joints and cartilage.

Add to that the fact that Ostinol™ Advanced provides a powerful immuno-protective effect, working on multiple pathways of inflammation, resulting in rapid clinic benefits in as fast as seven days.

Forty years of studies and research on the bio-active proteins in Ostinol™ Advanced, have proven that only the proteins in this complex can safely, effectively, and successfully grow bone and cartilage tissue while providing a powerful clinical immuno-protective effect with results seen in as fast as sever days..

In 2013 a double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial, was published in a peer-reviewed journal highlighting the efficacy and safety of the powerful proteins in Ostinol™ Advanced (Cyplexinol™). 87 participants 55 years and older with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the hip or knee participated in the trial. The results highlighted that 90 percent of the subjects reported significant reduction in pain and 83 percent reported reduction in stiffness by the end of the trial, with onset of action felt in as fast a 7 days!

See how Ostinol™ Advanced and the clinical specialist at ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Company and assist you and your patients in achieving the best joint health possible. ZyCal offers a complementary consulting service where you can confidentially discuss and review any patient’s condition to explore if Ostinol™ Advanced is right for your patients.

Ostinol™ Advanced is available in 4 strengths and can be used from 175mg per day up to 900mg per day plus the new Ostinol™ Advanced 5X for maximum inflammation support.