The Ever Growing World Of Organic Skin Care Products

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The Ever Growing World Of Organic Skin Care Products

Guest post by Carl Gale:

Eating readymade food, especially the ones that contain preservatives is not good for our health. More so to the skin. It is also true that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat. Medical research reports indicate that what we apply to our skin is directly absorbed into our bodies. These chemicals find a way into our bloodstream. Women, in particular, are said to absorb about two kilograms each year of toiletries and cosmetics alone. With the current technological revolution, cosmetics are becoming more and more high tech. Many scientists, including the NASA team are coming up new creams and beauty labs to research on better and more complex ingredients. The health complications that these chemicals are speculated to be related to have had many people shifting to organic beauty products.

There has been a very big movement towards organic beauty products in the recent past. Almost every beauty product you meet is out there that sells the most is organic or at least has some organic compounds in it. The target market is now very concerned about the product they are using for beauty than ever before. Scientific studies have shown that about 60 percent of the cream applied to the skin or the make-ups used is absorbed into the bloodstream. However, it is not yet proved whether this causes any health problem, but a great number of people are already skeptical of these chemicals. This is why there is a great shift into using organic beauty products. This has seen the sector grow very rapidly in the recent past by up to 20%.

There has been a growing demand for organic health products for the past few years. Since most people who do not want to use the chemicals opt for the organic skin care products, this has seen the organic industry grow tremendously.

However, there has been many different definitions of the word ‘organic’ by different companies. This has become a challenge in getting to know which product is genuinely organic and which one is not. This led to the formation of an accredited body that sets regulations for what constitutes a 100% organic product. The big question which still remains to be solved, however, is how does a consumer know what is fully organic? Most companies just brand the term ‘Organic’ to their products so as to market and sell quickly. This is still dangerous since you cannot be sure if what is being called organic is 100% synthetic free.

The amount of organic and synthetic ingredients in a product should be analyzed for accuracy. It is important to know that most of the products that brand as organic are not 100% organic. A fully organic product should not contain any traces of synthetic ingredients and should not have gone through the artificial manufacturing process.

Next time you want to buy a beauty product, do a bit of research about it first. Organic products are good, but you need to be careful. Choose only the brands that you are sure have been tested for quality and are guaranteed. If you are shocked by the effects of chemical beauty products, give yourself a chance to grow healthy. Go organic!

Carl Gale is a procrastinator, tea drinker, and occassional beauty blogger for Pulchritude