What @nskoberne learned from #running every day for the past 150 days

What @nskoberne learned from #running every day for the past 150 days

Nejc is an entrepreneur and adventurer. He works with Partnerships & Affiliates at TransferWise and has co-founded the digital agency Cone-headed Cat.  He ran every day for 150 days and this is what he learned.


This post is NOT about motivation or trying to convince you to try to run, in fact I would advise you against running every day.

Running every day means you end up leading a lot of leaderboards

But that being said, I run every day. That means no matter what happens during the day, if it’s raining, snowing, the wind’s blowing or if I’m feeling injured or just fatigued, I run, no excuses, no breaks.

But let’s turn back time to high school, yearly sports day, last discipline on the schedule, a 1000m run, my worst nightmare. I never was a runner throughout my childhood, I trained basketball, but I never really liked running, PC games, fatty food and sweets were just too good to give up for a 14 year old, so I got lazy, depressed and gained a lot of weight, so the 1000m run was the worst imaginable event for me. About 700m in I always had to stop and walk for a 100m to gain my breath back. That went on for the next few years, up until I almost graduated from University. Then something changed.

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