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Biopelle Tensage Eye Contour Cream

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It’s sad but true. On top of sun damage, each time the muscles around your eyes contract; it contributes to wrinkles and fine lines. Tensage®Eye Contour Cream contains SCA, a natural growth factor designed to help correct the signs of photoaging skin around those baby blues. With an 8 Biorepair Index, the Eye Contour Cream adds enhanced results to the standard Tensage® regimen as it helps smooth and tighten the delicate area surrounding your eyes. So go ahead and smile, cry, wink or squint. We have you covered.

Tensage® Eye Contour Cream Benefits:

  • helps smooth the appearance of wrinkles
  • helps improve the elasticity and tighten the skin around the eyes
  • help hydrate the skin and gives the appearance of brightness

Directions for use: Thoroughly cleanse your skin. Pat dry. Apply Tensage® Eye Contour Cream to the area surrounding the eye (once or twice daily) or as directed by your physician.