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Biotics Research Cytozyme-PT/HPT 180 T

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The hypothalamus—a region of the brain—sends signals to your pituitary gland to release a mixture of hormones necessary for growth and reproduction. These hormones include the follicle-stimulating hormone‚ growth hormone‚ and luteinizing hormone. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland work together to ensure that there are no issues in the release of these hormones. A seemingly minor snag in communication between these two glands could cause the development of several medical conditions and uncomfortable symptoms‚ such as hot flashes and mood swings.

A natural approach may help your pituitary gland function without major side effects. A supplement like Biotics Research’s Cytozyme PT/HPT works to bring you comfort. This supplement contains a complex concentration of pituitary and hypothalamus gland material‚ derived from lamb. Each tablet contains 40 mg of this concentration‚ in addition to superoxide dismutase and catalese. Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme naturally found in your body that works to protect your cells from oxidation‚ damaging interaction between cells and oxygen caused by environmental toxins known as free radicals. Catalese is another naturally occurring enzyme found in all living things‚ which also works to protect cells from oxidation.

One bottle of Cytozyme PT/HPT by Biotics Research contains 180 tablets. The manufacturer recommends taking one to three capsules per day.

Biotics Research is committed to formulating and manufacturing innovative supplements. Its research and development arm is at the forefront of new developments in clinical nutrition‚ discovering and analyzing the benefits of new ingredients. In addition‚ all products supplied by Biotics Research have been shown to be effective and safe.