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Protes protein chips
Protes protein chips
Protes protein chips

Protes protein chips

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15g Protein.

Think Outside The Bar.


6g Net Carbs. 120 Calories. 1g Sugar. Non GMO.


This Is Not A Protein Bar. Protein. It's The Nutrition That Everyone Needs. And Unfortunately, So Many Protein Snacks Limit Themselves By Staying Inside The Bar. Which Got Us Wondering-What If There Was A Protein Snack That Thinks Outside The Bar? Enter Protes Protein Chips. Leaving The Protein Bar in the Dust, We Combine Great Taste and Functionality to Create a Better than Better-For-You Protein Snack That You'll actually look forward to Eating. Everybody Snacks, Everybody Needs Protein. We're here to Make Sure That Snacking Serves a Purpose. Plant-Based. Gluten-Free. Soy Free.