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Activz Mango Powder (Stnd. size) -

Activz Mango Powder (Stnd. size)

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Have trouble eating those 9 daily servings of fruits and veggies? Activz Mango Powder can help get you there faster.

What is Activz Mango Powder?
Organic, non-GMO mangoes in powder form. Plain and simple.

Why use Activz Mango Powder instead of buying fresh mangoes or frozen mango chunks?

  • It’s quicker than fresh.
    No colander, paper towel, cutting board or paring knife required. All it takes is a scoop and stir.
  • It’s less cumbersome than frozen.
    There’s no breaking apart icy mango chunks with frozen fingers. Just scoop and stir.
  • It lasts longer than fresh or frozen.
    Activz Mango Powder sits at full potency in the pantry for up to several years — using no preservatives whatsoever. Fresh mangoes last only a few days before they start spoiling, and while frozen mangoes can last longer than fresh, they certainly won’t last several years. Using powder means you don’t waste money on expensive organic produce that ends up spoiling before you get to it.
  • It tastes, looks and smells the same.
    We don’t add any colors, flavors, nutrients or preservatives to make this seem like real mangoes — it is real mangoes, with all original nutrients, colors and flavors intact.
  • In fact, it’s better than fresh.

How is it better than fresh?
Most produce you find in the grocery store isn’t as “fresh” as it seems. Most often, by the time you eat it, there’s very little nutrition left:

  • Traditional produce is grown in pesticide-ridden, nutrient-deficient soils, then harvested before it’s fully ripe to prevent spoilage during transit.
  • Ships over a thousand miles and often sits in cold storage before being placed on store shelves. That means it takes at least a week (often much longer) before that product reaches you.
  • Significantly drops in nutrient levels each day that it takes to travel.
  • Drops even further each day it sits in your refrigerator.

Activz Mango Powder comes with none of these problems. At Activz, we go out of our way to find the best producers of each fruit and vegetable that we source, which is why we source our mangoes from Brazil. Within hours of harvest, our organic mangoes are pureed on site. We immediately freeze that puree, ship it to our processing facilities in the Pacific Northwest, let it thaw and then dehydrate it. Because it’s shipped frozen, our mango loses almost no nutrients during travel.

Doesn’t dehydrating your mango degrade the nutrient quality in the end, though?
Not our method. We’ve ditched the high-heat techniques of the past and created a specialty dehydration method that evaporates water molecules using natural light. Thanks to our gentle technique, the nutrients are locked in at the moment of dehydration and stay that way for years.

How do I use Activz Mango Powder?

  • Toss into your daily smoothie.
  • Combine with protein powder for a post-workout nutrient boost.
  • Mix into the foods you’re already eating to instantly boost their nutrition value (it’s more intuitive than you think). Our customers’ three favorite mango mix-ins are SMOOTHIESSTIR-FRY and SALAD DRESSINGS.
  • Still lost? Check out our how-to guide, "Activz Additions," or find mango powder recipes developed in the Activz test kitchen.


19 servings per standard size container.
1 serving (2 tablespoons) = ½ cup fresh mangoes.