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activz Mixed Veggie Powder (Fam. size) -

activz Mixed Veggie Powder (Fam. size)

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Activz Mixed Veggie Powder is a quick, easy and cost-efficient way to eat healthy. Each scoop: Is packed with organic spinach, organic kale and organic carrots. Has the same nutrition, color and flavor as the day the veggies were picked. Contains no artificial ingredients. Contains no added colors, flavors, nutrients or preservatives. Keeps for years (if not eaten first!). Reduces or eliminates the hassle of veggie prep. Prevents food waste, giving you more produce per dollar spent. You can use Activz Mixed Veggie Powder in any dish you want. All it takes is a scoop and a stir. Below are the top three uses for mixed veggie, plus a link to our recipes and ideas from your fellow customers. TOP THREE USES: Salsa, Chili, Tomato juice. 44 servings per container. 1 serving = 1/2 cup fresh vegetables.