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Advanced Naturals IntestiMax Powder (5.7 oz.)

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IntestiMax is a natural L-glutamine and N-acetyl D-glucosamine supplement with additional soothing herbs to support the integrity and healthy function of the intestinal lining. It also includes gamma oryzanol a natural extract of rice bran oil‚ which has been shown to enforce antioxidant effects in the digestive tract.

What is the Intestinal Lining?
The digestive tract consists of the mouth‚ esophagus‚ stomach and intestines. It serves as a place for food breakdown and nutrient absorption to take place. The intestinal lining is a thin mucosal membrane that lines the small and large intestines. This delicate lining is semipermeable; this means the membrane allows nutrients into the bloodstream and keeps toxins‚ pathogens‚ and undigested food out. When toxins enter the bloodstream‚ many health conditions may occur.

The Importance of a Healthy Intestinal Lining
The intestinal lining serves many functions. Three of the most critical are:
1) Helps to continue the digestion process after the food you consumed leaves the stomach.
2) Assists with the absorption of nutrients from food; this part of the digestion process occurs in the small intestine after food leaves the stomach.
3) Helps to prevent harmful bacteria and undigested food from entering the bloodstream.
The intestinal lining is like the skin‚ in that it sloughs off a layer of cells naturally every 3-5 days and produces new cells to keep the lining semipermeable. To keep new cells continually growing‚ the amino acid L-Glutamine is the primary fuel for this process. When functioning properly‚ the body converts L-glutamine into N-acetyl D-glucosamine‚ an amino sugar found in all tissues of the body. Much of the intestinal lining is composed of N-acetyl D-glucosamine‚ which helps hold the cells of the intestinal lining together.