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Advanced Naturals LiverMax (2-part kit)

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LiverMax™ (2-Part Kit) from Advanced Naturals™ is a two-part formula that supports normal liver detoxification.

Liver is the largest internal organ in our body and performs many functions. The most important of which is detoxification of the body. The liver filters toxins and plays a very important role in the overall well-being of the body. Toxins are produced in two ways. Toxins as a result of metabolism in the body are known as endotoxins and toxins produced as a result of external influences are called exotoxins. Liver helps our body remove these toxins and sends it to the kidneys.

This Advanced Naturals™ supplement is a two part cleansing program that contains amino acids‚ herbs and minerals to ensure proper cleansing of the liver and promotes better health. Part I contains milk thistle extracts‚ an herb that supports natural detoxification. Many researchers believe that the active ingredient in milk thistle is silymarin‚ which may benefit liver health. L-Methinonine‚ an amino acid is used by the liver to create glutathione. Glutathione is believed to aid in detoxification and thus assist liver health. Our liver uses N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)‚ present in this Advanced Naturals™ formula‚ to help in raising the levels of glutathione. Part II is a powerful combination of essential ayurvedic ingredients and herbs like Boerhavia Diffusa‚ Eclipta Alba‚ Terminalia Belerica‚ Tinospora Cordifolia‚ and Picrorhiza Kurroa. Ancient ayurvedic herbalists believe that these herbs may support detoxification of the liver. Give your body the goodness of LiverMax™ (2-Part Kit) from Advanced Naturals™‚ which contains natural ingredients to support normal detoxification.