Biopelle Auriderm Clearing Gel for Spider Veins (1 oz.) -

Biopelle Auriderm Clearing Gel for Spider Veins (1 oz.)

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Spider veins are small, thread like veins most often seen on the surface of the skin. They are formed when a tiny pinhole tear occurs in a capillary beneath the surface of the skin allowing the blood to leak and pool under the skin. These purple, red or bluish discoloration are called spider veins because their wheel and spoke shape resembles a spider web.

Spider veins on the face are often caused by Rosacea, chronic sun exposure or an inherited predisposition.

What can be done for SPIDER VEINS?

The use of Auriderm® clearing gel can help reduce or eliminate the appearance of pooled blood underneath the skin. Auriderm’s Vitamin K Oxide, in a patented nanosome delivery system, aids the body’s natural healing process to help eliminate the unsightly reddish-blue discolorations.

Auriderm® clearing gel benefits:

  • helps improve the appearance of spider veins
  • safe for use on Rosacea patients
  • may be used in combination with other products

Auriderm® clearing gel is soothing and non-irritating and can be used continuously to help alleviate spider veins.

Size: 30 g
Key Ingredients: 2% Vitamin K Oxide

Directions for Use: For best results, apply liberally to affected area(s) twice daily, morning and evening. May be used wherever symptoms appear including face, neck, thighs, upper arms, etc.