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Digestron is an herbal supplement to naturally support normalized stomach acidity, promote digestive enzyme secretion, and for heartburn relief. 

The herbs in Digestron are: 

  • • Paeonia
  • • Poria
  • • Cinnamomum
  • • Atractylodes
  • • Codonopsis
  • • Alpinia
  • • Coptis
  • • Dioscorea
  • • Piper

Digestron Benefits

Digestron is not a digestive enzyme. Rather, it increases secretion of digestive enzymes and reduces bloating and gas. Additionally, it helps normalize stomach acidity and controls involuntary stomach/intestinal muscle contractions for better food digestion.

Recommended additions: 

Additional supplements for GERD included Asparagus Extract, AGG, Bamboo Extract and CFC. Since bacteria grows in acidic conditions, Asparagus Extract helps turn your body alkaline, making it difficult for the bacteria to grow. AGG contains astragalus, which promotes the body's immunity. CFC is good for controlling yeast, which originates in the colon. Acidophilus is also beneficial for this purpose. If belching causes sore throat and burning, add Bamboo Extract. It has anti-microbial activity, which is especially good for the esophagus.