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Chi's Enterprise Myomin Plus, 120 count -

Chi's Enterprise Myomin Plus, 120 count

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Chi's Enterprise Myomin Plus is an herbal formula to support healthy and balanced estrogen levels, and is safe for both women and men.  Myomin is an all-natural formula of Chinese herbs that has been shown to help metabolize unhealthy estrogens and promote proper hormonal balance. Myomin Plus includes Astragalus and Notopterygium root for additional support and added GI comfort. 

Myomin Plus pairs the herbal support of Myomin with the immune strengthening properties of astragalus and the headache and joint pain relieving properties of Notopterygium root. Notopterygium may also provide relief from gastrointestinal side effects. 

Myomin Benefits:

Myomin benefits women with high levels of estrogen or experiencing symptoms caused by high estrogen levels. Myomin benefits women experiencing symptoms caused by uterine fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, and estrogen-receptive growths.

Myomin Men?

Yes! Myomin benefits men who are experiencing high levels of estrogen. Men get high levels of circulating estrogens from environmental toxins, just like women, or from poor liver detoxification, obesity or other reasons. Myomin has shown to benefit men with specific prostate disorders. As men age, testosterone decreases and estrogen increases. Given that Myomin helps minimize estrogen formation, this indirectly increases testosterone. 

Myomin Side Effects

Myomin side effects are minimal and the side effects by Myomin can be avoided:

Chang Hai Hospital studies show approximately 1% of the subjects taking Myomin experienced side effects such as nausea and bloating. These Myomin side effects go away when the Myomin dosage is reduced or when Myomin is taken with meals.

Estrogen-dominant disorders may benefit from taking Myomin. 

Myomin supports the reduction of estrogen production which is why Myomin is so effective for many women in reducing uterine fibroids and reducing estrogen-sensitive cells.

Myomin has three functions:

  • Myomin inhibits the aromatase enzyme, effectively reducing estradiol levels by preventing the conversion of androgens to estrone and estradiol. This allows testosterone and estriol (the good estrogen) to accumulate. Aromatase inhibition has become a worthwhile target in many estrogen-dominant disorders
  • Myomin competes with estradiol at the estrogen receptors. This function is particularly effective in cases where estrogen receptors are fully stimulated (e.g. after HRT). Competing with estradiol prevents estradiol from binding to receptors. As a result, proliferation of cells is avoided and abnormal growth inhibited.
  • Myomin increases interferon (IFN) and interleukin-2 (IL-2). IL-2 induces the proliferation of immune cells, enhancing the body's ability to kill tumor cells. IFN stimulates natural killer cells and is active against tumors.

Myomin Reduces Estradiol Levels

One study performed at the Shanghai Medical School illustrates the effect of Myomin on estradiol levels of mice during pregnancy – a period when estradiol levels are especially high. Two groups of 12 mice each were used in the study. One group was used as the control. The other group was given Myomin beginning 15 days into pregnancy. Three days later (on the 18 th day of the study), the average estradiol level of the Myomin group was 7.22pg/ml, approximately seven times less than the control group. After 6 days of taking Myomin (on the 21 st day of the study), their average estradiol level was 8.81pg/ml while it was 85.98 pg/ml for the control group.

In another study, 90 female mice were divided into three groups. Each group was then given Myomin for 30, 60 and 180 days, respectively. The average estradiol levels after each period was 50.6, 36.6, and 32.4 pg/ml, respectively. After 180 days, the estradiol level stabilized. These results demonstrate long-term use of Myomin reduces estradiol in such a way that it maintains around the normal level. No side effects were reported in this study.

A human study involved 60 postmenopausal women with cysts and/or fibroids. Postmenopausal women were studied because their estradiol levels are more stable than those of premenopausal women. Initially, the average estradiol level was 74.52 pg/ml. After only 10 days on Myomin, their average estradiol level reduced to 38.84 pg/ml. The fibroids, cysts and associated pain gradually reduced.

Myomin and Estrogen Dominant Disorders

A study from Chang Hai Hospital involved 75 cases of fibrocystic breasts (70 women ages 18 to 52 years old and 5 men ages 62 to 64 years old). Sixty five percent of the women were under 35 years old. 25 cases were in the control group while 50 cases were in the Myomin group. Results of the study revealed that, in 14 cases, the fibrocystic breast completely cleared after 1 month of taking Myomin while, in 16 cases, the fibrocystic breast reduced 50% in size. Among the five men in the study, the cysts cleared completely in 3 cases.  Overall, the effectiveness rate of Myomin is more than 60%, compared to the control group's 12% rate. In the Myomin group, in 48 out of 50 cases,associated pain cleared or tremendously reduced (p value <0.05) while in the control group, pain reduced in only 12 out of 25 cases.

Myomin and Men- More Information:

Aromatase inhibition is important in men as well. As men age, testosterone is being more readily converted to estrogen through the aromatase enzyme. Some prostate conditions and even gynecomastia have been linked to increased estrogen levels in men. Evidence suggests that local aromatase expression in the prostate increases malignancy. Aromatase inhibitors like Myomin will help block the action of aromatase, thereby minimizing the depletion of testosterone and reducing estrogen levels.

Myomin for Relief of Menopausal Symptoms

Myomin has also been reported to be effective in reducing the severity and frequency of hot flashes in some women. Although its exact mechanism on this particular function remains to be elucidated, it may be explained by Myomin's ability to compete with estrogen at the cells' estrogen receptors. It should be noted, however, that some women experience worsening of symptoms with Myomin. This is probably due to very low levels of estrogen in these women.

Myomin Plus is for men or women needing to lessen the effects of excessive estrogen and balance hormones. The addition of astragalus and notopterygium support a strong immune system and may provide relief for joint pain or headaches. Myomin Plus may provide less gastrointestinal side effects in some. 

120 capsules.