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OxyPower by Chi's Enterprise supports the oxygen-carrying power of the red blood cells for energy and healthy lung function. It also helps maintain Superoxide d...

OxyPower by Chi's Enterprise supports the oxygen-carrying power of the red blood cells for energy and healthy lung function. It also helps maintain Superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that breaks down free radicals. 

Chi's OxyPower can support lung conditions such as asthma, COPD, and lung congestion. Respiratory ailments obviously impair lung function, interfering with the body's normal ability to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Since oxygen is needed for all cells to function, improving lung function is necessary.

Oxypower is an herbal formula that is effective for lung congestion. It ha an anti-hypoxia and anti-fatigue function. It increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the red blood cells six times stronger. Those who have chest heaviness, those who cannot lie down without their upper body being elevated and those who smoke or have been exposed to smoke will benefit from OxyPower. It also increases muscle haemoglobin and improves brain edema and pulmonary edema.

Oxypower also is an antioxidant. In the red blood cells, it increases superoxide dismutase (SOD), which protects practically all cells from oxidative stress.

OxyPower contains herbal extracts of 

  • • Rhodiola crenulata
  • • Hippophae rhamnoides

To summarize, Oxypower has the following known mechanisms. Studies are continually being conducted to discover other application mechanisms.

  • • It increases the oxygen-carrying power of red blood cells
  • • It reduces serum lactic acid for better oxygen delivery to organs and tissues and better mitochondrial function
  • • It increases nitric oxide, making the blood vessels more flexible
  • • It increases superoxide dismutase (SOD) in red blood cells to prevent oxidative stress

Overall, OxyPower increases muscle haemoglobin and improves lung congestion, emphysema, asthma, brain edema, pulmonary edema. It also reduces keloids, pain, constipation, throat clearing and tingling of the hand and feet. In the following sections, studies that support these various functions will be presented.

In one study, 62 subjects had constipation. After taking oxypower, 43 (69.4%) of the subjects were able to eliminate constipation and restore bowel regularity.

OxyPower to Increase Oxygen Carrying Power of Red Blood Cells 

OxyPower contains rhodiola, known for its potential for improving phsycial and mental performance. In one study, a group of skiers participating in a triathlon race were given rhodiola and monitored for changes in oxygen saturation of arterial blood. Results revealed a significant increase in the duration of the stable and hypoxemic phases of respiration as well as a shortening of the respiratory recovery period. This demonstrated rhodiola's measurable ability to increase sustainable blood oxygen levels and to "economize" energy expenditure. 

OxyPower also contains Hippophae rhamnoides, seabuckthorn berry, shown in a study to increase coronary blood flow and decrease the rate of myocardial oxygen consumption. 

Both rhodiola and hippophae are considered adaptogens, known to generally improve the efficiency of the blood in delivering oxygen to the whole body. 

As a whole, OxyPower increases superoxide dismutase (SOD) in the red blood cells. This protects practically all cells from oxidative stress. Furthermore, OxyPower also provides relief of lung congestion, increases muscle haemoglobin, and improves conditions such as pulmonary and brain edema, constipation, and tingling of the hands and feet.

Oxypower for Diabetic Symptoms

People who suffer from diabetes often have symptoms such as excessive thirst and hunger, increased urination, and tingling in the extremities (possibly neuropathy). A study was conducted to determine the effect of OxyPower on these common diabetic symptoms. OxyPower was able to completely eliminate symptoms of diabetes in at least half of the cases. OxyPower also showed some effect in reducing lipid levels and tryglycerides.

OxyPower for Sexual Function 

In a preliminary clinical study, OxyPower was found to improve sexual function in men. The study employed morning erection as a parameter. In men, the highest testosterone level is early in the morning; hence, the morning erection. Loss of a morning erection is one sign of declining testosterone levels, which leads to low libido. In the study, 250 men over 40 years old with no morning erection were involved. After only a week of taking OxyPower at 2 capsules twice daily, 90% of the men were able to restore morning arousal.

One function of OxyPower is to increase nitric oxide (NO) level. This mechanism partly explains its effect on attaining an erection. Nitric oxide relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow, improving erectile function. This particular mechanism is useful in those with erectile dysfunction.

For even better results, OxyPower can be taken with SXD for both men and women. SXD helps increase testosterone levels to improve sex drive. For men, Super X provides almost instantaneous results in improving sexual vitality. For those with belly fat and low libido, a high estrogen level is likely, so Myomin can be added.

OxyPower is not only beneficial to men but to women as well. It improves sex drive in women. This supplement is currently being studied for this function.

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