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Chi's Enterprise Youth ChiYouth Chi promotes ,bone formation and inhibiting bone loss.Youth Chi is an excellent supplement for increasing bone mass density. It promotes osteoblast (bone-forming) activity ,while inhibiting osteoclast (bone-resorbing) activity. It also increases absorption of calcium into the bones.Youth Chi is a non-calcium natural supplement that improves bone formation without using the estrogen route. It contains Sesamum indicum, Zizphus jujube, Cistanche salsa. Rehmannia glutinosa, Cordyceps sinensis, Astragalus membranaceus, Polygonum multiflorum, Lycium chinensis and Chaenomeles sinensis. Youth Chi increases bone mass density, enhances bone calcium content, and prevents calcium loss from bones.In one study on 96 male and female osteoporosis patients, Youth Chi ,increased bone mass density (BMD) by more than ,6% ,in 6 months. No calcium was given during the study. In the same study, the subjects' BGP and PYD levels were also measured to determine Youth Chi's effects on promoting bone building and inhibiting bone loss.BGP is a calcium-binding ,protein of osteoblast cells and is used ,as a biochemical marker for bone formation. A ,high BGP signifies a high rate of bone formation. PYD (pyridinoline) and DPD (deoxypyridinoline) are bone loss markers. In this study, after 6 months on Youth Chi, ,BGP levels increased to 10.94 ng/ml, meaning ,incresaed bone formation, ,while PYD levels reduced to 30.38 ng/ml, which means bone loss ,has reduced as well.Youth Chi had no impact on the subjects' estrogen levels, which makes it idel for osteoporosis patients who also have or are at risk for estrogen-dominant problems like cysts, fibroids, breast cancer, etc. Furthermore, Youth Chi does not affect BUN (blood urea nitrogen) or liver enzymes, makign it safe for the kidneys and the liver.E. Schlabach, DC from Ohio, has a 74-year-old female patient with severe osteoporosis already using high doses of Vitamin D and