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elure Advanced Brightening Lotion 45ml

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Achieve a beautiful, healthy skin tone with Elure Advanced Skin Brightening Lotion. Contains Lignin Peroxidase (LIP) to successfully lighten the skin and reduce melanin color. Perfect for those who are looking to achieve a softer skin tone and reduce depigmentation.

Hydrate and balance your skin with elure Advanced Lightening Lotion. A rebalancing skin lotion with elure Melanonzyme to brighten, soften, soothe and replenish the skin. Appropriate for day and night use. It is also recommended to use a sunscreen with a SPF of 30, when using elure products.

This product utilizes a patented mushroom-derived enzyme, Melanozym, to gently reduce melanin and improve skin tone and texture. Although hydroquinone is a popular dermatologist-recommended treatment for hyperpigmentation, some people are concerned with possible reactions or side effects. For those individuals, this hydroquinone-free skin lightening lotion is the perfect solution for reducing dark spots.