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Cetyl Myristoleate is the common name for cis-9-myristoleate, a natural fatty acid ester. CM is normally found in animal species possessing remarkably healthy joint tissue. Human research confirms that CM supports normal joint function. Research suggests that CM acts by facilitating joint lubrication and modifying the immune response.

  • Cetyl myristoleate is a unique natural fatty acid found in tissues of animal species possessing remarkably health joint tissue (J Pharm Sci1994;83:296-9).
  • Controlled human research has documented the ability of cetyl myristoleate to support normal joint function (Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients 1997; (Aug/Sept):58-63).
  • Karuna's Cetyl Myristoleate is sourced from the highest quality, 11% pure, natural fatty acid ester extract.