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LAFCO House & Home Cilantro Orange Candle

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Brighten up your home with the LAFCO House & Home Cilantro Orange candle.

The LAFCO House & Home Candle Collection has been designed to complement the ambiance and decor of every room in your home. These beautiful soy-based candles are clean-burning, feature a 100% natural cotton wick and come encased in an oversized, hand-blown art glass vessel.

  • Soy-based candle designed for the kitchen
  • Over 90 hours of burn time
  • Notes of cilantro, mandarin and watercress

Cilantro, mandarin and watercress are blended in the Cilantro Orange Candle's lively fragrance that will compliment every aroma imaginable in the kitchen, from cookies to cassoulet

Fragrance Notes: Cilantro, Mandarin, and Watercress. 90 hour burn time. Clean burning soy-based wax and 100% natural cotton wick. Hand blown art glass vessel is yours to keep.