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Nutri-west DSF Formula Tablets, 120 Count

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Nutri-West - DSF formula is the perfect supplement to be chosen in stressful times. Glandulars vitamins minerals antioxidants and phytochemicals synergistically work together to support the various energy-producing systems of the body.

About Nutritional Glandulars Nutritional glandular have a very long history of use by healing professionals in most countries. They are believed to be safe and effective but best of all they are natural. Although they may be commonly used in other countries the current trend in the United States is toward synthetic drugs. In this case the drugs that take the place of nutritional glandulars are simply synthetic versions of the real thing. Possibly the best thing about glandular therapy is that it can provide the body with the exact nutrients it needs for a specific organ in the harmonious and synergistic balance that nature intended. Nutritional glandulars have proven to be safe when used in recommended doses – so much so that they are even given to pets under a vet’s supervision.

Unless specifically called for by your doctor do not treat children under the age of 18 with nutritional glanduars. More research must be done to determine the safety of this type of therapy in children.