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Regenica Repair Complex

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Formerly known as Facial Rejuvenation Complex


Soothe a delicate, healing complexion with this skin serum.

Following a cosmetic procedure or treatment, your complexion can feel raw, inflamed and tight. ReGenica Repair Complex is specially made to soothe these symptoms and help your cells heal more quickly. You can use this product following microdermabrasion, laser treatments and chemical peels without worrying about irritation. Growth factors in this product repair damage to create a soft and smooth texture as well as a more even tone. This skin serum uses hydrating ingredients to eliminate itchiness and tightness while strengthening the delicate cell structure. 

Heal skin damage with this advanced formula.

ReGenica Repair Complex uses a mix of growth factors to speed up the skin’s natural healing process. Using this product after your procedure will relieve the side effects of in-office treatments and even at-home chemical peels. Studies demonstrate that users saw an improvement in tone and texture in as little as one week without experiencing stinging or burning. This serum also contains soothing aloe vera leaf juice and sodium hyaluronate. These ingredients provide a boost of moisture to relieve irritating symptoms and plump the skin. A couple of days after your procedure, begin using this product to heal skin damage.