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Tammy Fender Travel Kit for Anti-Aging

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  • Cleansing Milk. Key Ingredients: Organic Lavender, Fo-Ti.
  • Bulgarian Rose Water. Key Ingredients: Bulgarian Rose essence.
  • Quintessential Serum. Key Ingredients: Rosemary, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Avocado, Frankincense, Bulgarian Rose Oil.
  • Intensive Repair Balm. Key Ingredients: Chamomile, Helichysum.
  • Epi-Peel. Key Ingredients: Rosemary and Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil Key Ingredients: Rose Hip Seed Oil, Bulgarian Lavender.

Travel Youthfully Experience the best in luxury and the purest ingredients with the Tammy Fender Travel Kit for Anti-Aging, which provides a two-week supply of holistic skincare products for the ultimate jetsetter. Includes six Tammy Fender products in travel sizes Ideal for newcomers who want to sample several products Everything you need to protect, hydrate and rejuvenate skin Helps you achieve inner and outer harmony on the road Especially Suited For: Those with normal skin Essential Elements:This nature-based collection includes travel sizes of six Tammy Fender products: Cleansing Milk, Bulgarian Rose Water, Intensive Repair Balm, Quintessential Serum, Epi-Peel and Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil. Free Of: Parabens, mineral oils, petrochemicals, synthetic emulsifiers, toxic preservatives, artificial color or fragrance