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Theraderm Skin Renewal Travel System

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Maintain your healthy skin routine while on the go with this travel-sized version of the Theraderm Skin Renewal System. Available with Peptide Hydrator, Enriched Facial Moisturizer or Gentle Facial Moisturizer.

  • Helps defend skin against the environment and signs of aging
  • Enhances skin’s natural ability to restore itself
  • Works to combat oxidative damage caused by free radicals
System Includes:
  • Cleansing Wash (1 oz.)
  • Fruit Acid Exfoliant (.33 oz.)
  • OPC Reparative Serum (.33 oz.)
  • Choice of Moisturizer (.25 oz.)
  • Gentle Action Application Pads (25 ct.)

Peptide Hydrator 
Peptide-infused moisturizer formulated for normal, combination or oil-prone skin.

Enriched Facial Moisturizer

Lanolin-based, deep moisturizer formulated for dry or mature skin.

Gentle Facial Moisturizer

Light moisturizer formulated for sensitive, allergy-prone or reactive skin.