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Thorne Research Double Strength Zinc Picolinate (30mg) - 180ct - Your premier online shop for the best health supplements and skin care products

Thorne Research Double Strength Zinc Picolinate (30mg) - 180ct

Thorne Research
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Thorne Researchí´s Zinc Picolinate (Double Strength) delivers 200 percent of the suggested daily value (DV) of the essential mineral zinc.

With the volumes of research findings that prove the value of zinc as part of a healthy dietí¢ ití´s astounding that about one-third of the Earthí´s population is at risk of being deficient in zinc. This deficiency is a primary cause of many diseasesí¢ and it occurs despite the fact that zinc is naturally found in many common foods. The problem results from crops grown in soil that has been overused and depleted of nutrientsí¢ which can result in low levels of zinc in the foods grown from it. Other reasons for a zinc deficiency include diseases that hinder your intestinesí´ absorption of the mineral; zinc-depleting conditionsí¢ such as diarrhea and similar digestive difficultiesí¢ may also contribute to that shortage. Intensive periods of growthí¢ like those experienced by developing children and pregnant womení¢ can also result in you becoming deficient in this nutrient.

Since zinc deficiency can lead to a number of serious health problemsí¢ taking Zinc Picolinate (Double Strength) makes good sense. What is picolinate? Ití´s the term used for the supplemental version of zinc.